Magic Marine Nation’s Cup Day 4
17 Jul 2019

Magic Marine Nation’s Cup Day 4

This would be the final day of competition and the forecast was not promising for this poor souls who were looking for an eighth race and second discard. I completed my beauty regime, either I had stumbled into a used needle skip on my inebriated journey home last night or, more likely, the resident mosquito had a acquired a silencer. 
It had been a memorable evening, the class dinner was a huge success and the applause for class President Doug Latta must have given him a warm feeling. 
I passed through the old sleeping town of Carnac, the church bell echoing through the narrow streets as shop keepers readied their goods for another day. Above me in the still sky, Swallows mimicked Battle of Britain manoeuvres to one another, diving from out of the sun to blind their breakfast snacks before pulling some G’s to avoid crashing.
With 2-3 knots in the bay PRO Patrick wisely kept the fleet ashore as the clock ticked down to the 3pm cut off. 
North Sails Charlie Cumbley kindly provided an impromptu sail tuning session to an audience that hung on his every word like apostles listening to Jesus. Winning race seven, if he needed it, authenticating his knowledge on all things Solo. With this dark art explained, the sailors scanned the horizon and the weather channel with the enthusiasm of a child who had been given his first kite.

Their prayers were answered with the sound of the klaxon ringing across the dinghy park, the breeze had steadied and one more race would be possible.

Race 8
Wind at 260 and 8 knots across the bay and a recall brought the black flag out. The restart was all clear, Law Boyce and Cumbley all in close proximity in the middle of the line. Boyce knew he needed to push Cumbley down the order so started just below the yellow rash vest leader and used his superior height in these conditions to force the North Sails sailor away to the right. This separation saw Boyce coming into the top mark in sixth with Cumbley tenth while UK President Doug Latta claimed the bragging rights as first to the mark with Roger Guess, John Reeke,Tim Law and Joao Rodrigues POR right behind. At this moment Boyce would be leading by just two points and Cumbley knew he needed to pull something out of the bag. Law and Boyce worked the middle right of the downwind while Cumbley opted for the left which would see him drop some places while Boyce gained with Law. At the bottom it was Reeke, Law, Butler and Boyce. Cumbley rolled the dice and headed to the left of the upwind course as the breeze held to side deck hike mode for 90+, semi hike for 80+ and full on tip toes hike for Babera and Saskia. At the top second time and Reeke held with Rodrigues, Law and Boyce next round le Rouge. Cumbley was watching the title slip from his grasp and the downwind to the finish gun nailed his fate. Reeke with his first Nation’s bullet, Boyce, Law, Rodrigues and Butler with Cumbley just outside the top ten.

So overall it would be James Boyce who showed some great pace and tactical skill to claim the Magic Marine Nation’s Cup 2019. Let’s not forget that he lost his rudder in race 3 when in a top 3 position. Cumbley put up a strong defence but the lighter winds restricted his power racing and superlative downwind pace. Law showed once again the mental toughness required to podium at a championship while Butler will be stronger for the experience gained here. Lovering was undone by the breeze and I anticipate retribution at Weymouth.

The whole event has been a great success, the race management impeccable, the social side has been a a few grades up from before and we now look forward to the National Championship in a few weeks time at WPNSA.
The NSCA commend all competitors for their exemplary manners on and off the race course.
Thank you Carnac.

1 James Boyce 
2 Charlie Cumbley 
3 Tim Law 1st gm
4 Alex Butler 1st junior
5 Richard Lovering
6 Martin Honnor 1st vet
7 Pete Mitchell
8 Joao Rodrigues leading European
9 John Reeke
10 Richie Bailey
Duets 1st dutch
21st 1st Septimus
31st Marleen Gaillard


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